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The Ukrainian Volunteer Foundation (UVF), former name Ukrainian Humanitarian Initiative is a voluntary, not-for-profit charitable foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for children living in orphanages and provide humanitarian aid and support for the needy children in Ukraine, the third largest country in Eastern Europe. The purpose and mission of UVF centers on providing immediate aid to those most vulnerable in Ukraine, which is a country in the midst of social upheaval and economic change as it proceeds on a sometimes difficult path towards democracy. As in most times of political and national upheaval, the children suffer the most. Also our mission is to fund professionally guided programs dealing with health, education and the prevention of abuse of children. The use of the funds donated by UVF is always earmarked for specific programs and closely monitored.Voluntee

Our dedicated staff

The Ukrainian Volunteer Foundation consists of a dedicated core of volunteers who have committed significant time and energy towards the endeavor. Our staff includes facilitators, translators, and travel coordinators who help arrange all aspects of delivering the humanitarian aid, assistance for foreign volunteers and adoptive families. Each of our staff members has at least ten years of experience in the work of this foundation. We are consistenly growing and we would like you to grow with us.

Our mandate is to provide immediate assistance to the most vulnerable – the children. Private, institutional, corporate, and government donors/sponsors support our humanitarian endeavors. This broad base of national and international support has enabled our foundation to continue providing humanitarian aid to developing state in a time of great need.

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Orphanage Volunteering in Ukraine
Recovering genealogy of children adopted from Ukraine

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