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Providing Humanitarian Aid                                                                                       

The difficulties in the economy prevents adequate funding for basics such as food, clothing, medical and dental care and schooling. Taking a grass-roots approach, UHI hand-delivers supplies to orphanages in most parts of Ukraine. We deliver to orphanages specified by the donor or, in the case of a general donation, to needy orphanages. UHI also provides material assistance to rehabilitation centers and clinics, and supports established training, education, adoption and exchange programs. Donations are accepted from individuals, corporations, and private foundations in the form of humanitarian supplies or funds. UHI ensures that donations arrive into the hands of the orphanage director and not onto the black market. Over 100,000 children in more than 140 orphanages and in many hospitals, treatment and rehabilitation centers, and clinics in all twenty five provinces (oblast) of Ukraine have benefited from supplies of medication, food, clothing, vitamins, toys, hygiene products, and as well as educational toys and other necessities. The staff of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Initiative have personally distributed over 200 tons of purchased and/or donated goods.

Recovering Genealogy of Children Adopted in Ukraine                                                                                       

Our organization has great experience of recovering genealogy of children adopted from Ukraine; i.e. finding brothers, sisters, or other family members who still reside in Ukraine.

Providing Orphanage Volunteering in Ukraine                                                       

We are also looking for volunteers. Spend your time with orphan kids and explore our beautiful country. As a volunteer on this project there are going to be loads of different activities you can get involved with. You can help teach English to kids of all ages, play with the children so they gain confidence and learn to interact better with other people as well as arranging extra classes such as dance/music/drama and sports. You can also help with the day-to-day running of the orphanage, getting involved wherever help is needed. It is also really crucial to communicate the importance of protecting the environment to the children through whatever creative and informative methods you can come up with because, as time goes by, it will fall to them to really help conserve the Ukraine’s fertile plains, woodlands and National Parks. Your help for these children gives them an opportunity for a better life in the future. We have partnerships with several orphanages where you can volunteer. You have the option to work in several orphanages or spend your time in just the one. Volunteers have the option of staying with local host families.The local people are well known for their kindness and hospitality and they will help you understand their culture.

Providing Adoption Aid                                                                                              

In addition to our programs, we assist in the adoption of children from Ukraine. While we are not an adoption agency or middlemen, we have been helping people find loving daughters and sons since 1993 and have helped complete many adoptions from orphanages around Ukraine. Our experienced facilitators and certified translators have a thorough knowledge of the newly-legislated adoption process in Ukraine. In accordance to the new Ukrainian rules of adoptions, adoptive families can forego agency intervention and adopt independently. An independent adoption is far less costly than an agency adoption. It is also the fastest and most direct and reliable way to adopt a child from Ukraine. With our professional and comprehensive translation services, you can be confident of a successful, efficient, and worry-free process. All aspects of your journey can be arranged in advance for a truly carefree adoption trip. Contact us for more information about Ukrainian adoptions or to inquire about engaging our staff of dedicated, professional translators and facilitators. References are available upon request.

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